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Welcome to Shakuntala Netralaya. A center of excellance for your eyes.

National Orbit & Oculoplasty Research Center

The Shakuntala Netralaya have been pioneers in the field of professional eye care in central India. The foundation for excellence in eye care was laid by Dr. Bhagyesh Pore, with the best instruments and facilities available at that time. Shakuntala Netralaya, best multispeciality eye center for a complete eye care under one roof, established in 2009 an spread over 1500 sqft. in the heart of India- Madhya Pradesh, Indore.

Serving as a super-specialty, and a tertiary care referral eye clinic, Shakuntala Netralaya provides for all your basic and advanced eye-care needs. Our aims to put forth a patient friendly environment with ample amenities. The safest and newest techniques have been suitably adapted to provide excellence in service. Shakuntala Netralaya is an ambitious project of Dr. Bhagyesh Pore to flourishing with a mission to confer further impetus to the community in the field of eye care.

Orbital Diseases & Oculoplasty

The Department of Orbit and Oculoplasty at Shakuntala Netralaya deals with the management of diseases and abnormalities of the orbit, eyelids and the lacrimal system. Drooping of the upper eyelid (ptosis) is a common problem dealt by this Department. If the lid droop is very severe especially in young children, it can even lead to lazy eye (amblyopia). Hence correction of the condition is essential for functional and cosmetic improvement. Orbit is the bony cavity enclosing the eye. The orbit can be the seat of tumors that cause protrusion of the eyeball (proptosis). The lacrimal system drains tears into the nose and could be the site of chronic infection (dacryocystitis). These and several other diseases are managed by a group of dedicated full time Consultants. Around 1000 surgeries are performed in recent year.


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Our easily accessible and highly skilled team provides a complete range of ocular services for patients, including the following: For detailed information kindly visit our services page.


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Eye Donation

Let Others See Through Your Eyes

There are 15 million cases of corneal blindness (curable blindness) in India of which 4.6 million (90 percent of corneal blindness in India) are below the age of 45 including 60% of patients below the age of 12. The cornea is the clear transparent portion or a button as it is called, in front of colored iris and round pupil of the eye. It is also mostly responsible for focusing the light rays on retina, making it very important part of the eye.

There is no substitute for human tissue. The transplantation process depends upon the priceless gift of corneal donation from one human to the next. Donated human eyes and corneal tissue are used for research, education and transplantation. Coming to terms with bereavement is hard; but the idea that our death may help others can be comforting.

Age does not matter while making this precious donation. Person suffering from Diabetics, Hypertension, Systemic disorders like Asthma and Tuberculosis CAN ALSO donate their eyes. Cataract surgery patient can also be a happy donor. Above all, all Religions endorse the practice of eye donations and its one great valuable service a person can do in his/her life.

Eyes will not be collected if death has occurred due to the following diseases. • AIDS / Hepatitis B / • Septicemia / Sepsis: Viral Infection spread thru bloodstream affecting vital organs / • Leukemia: Disease related to Bone Marrow / • Rabies: Fatal viral disease, transmitted by the bite of warm-blooded animals like dogs / • Cancer with Metastasis to Head and Neck: Transmission of pathogenic microorganisms/cancerous cells thru blood vessels. / • Encephalitis: Inflammation of the brain / • Hodgkins Lymphoma: Cancerous growth of cells in the Lymph system of the body.

Why Shakuntala Netralaya

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Our Eye Center is covered with all the basic and advance facility for our visitor. At Shakuntala Netralaya all the necessary machines are available for your treatment.


Excellant Support that means our staff is always ready to assist you whenever you require our guideance.

image When you are in tension with your disease our specialiest doctor and hospital team will try to creat a home feeling for you.

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