Online Eye Testing

V A good and effective way to test your vision for vision problems is with the help of a vision test. Although there is no replacement for the tests offered at a doctor's office, testing your eyes on your computer can actually help you detect early symptoms of certain eye conditions and give you an idea of how acute your vision really is.

V There are tests that can't be done online such as the eye pressure test, so don't forget to visit your eye doctor at least once per year. We recommend printing these vision tests for best results, although you can do the tests right from your monitor.

Nearly half of all blindness can be prevented. Everyone should have periodic eye examinations.

Before Starting?


This chart (Given Below) should be used from a distance of twenty feet. You should take the size of your monitor into consideration to choose the right distance.


Color Vision Test

You might not know that people often see colors differently from other people. What you perceive as red might look orange to somebody else. Although the variations from person to person are small, some people might perceive completely different colors, especially people who suffer from color blindness.Testing your color vision is easy to do with the help of the Ishihara vision test.

Download the Ishihara Vision Test